Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Zach Morrow's bike

Well, the handmade bicycle show is coming right up and I'm really hoping to finish a SS 29er I'm working on in time. It's going to have some really unique qualities including some custom machined drop-outs. It's going to have some other one of a kind features as well, but that is all I am at liberty to say at this time.
Anyway, between that bike and digging a trench for a power line to my shop and being out of town I have neglected my blog. Jason Van Horn has done a fantastic job of getting this thing set up for me, as well as his on going work on the rest of the site, so it's good to finally be doing some justice to his work. Thanks for your help and patience Jason!

Here are some pictures of Zach Morrows 29er from North Carolina. It was one of my favorites I have built for a while because he decided on some nice features, such as the box gusset between the HT and DT for fork crown clearance. This is the first one like that I have done and it made me wish I had done the HT gusset on my bike that way, it relieves the stress of getting enough crown clearance for any fork. It arguably may be a better reinforcement as well. I think these are some of the same pictures Zach posted on MTBR a few weeks ago.