Saturday, February 10, 2007

Jade's bike

Just a few more

More pictures to look at

Between recovering from a broken collar bone and preparing for NAHBS I really haven't been able to ride near enough. I think it's made my sit-and-stare-at-bike syndrome worse, which is something that my girlfriend says couldn't get much worse. I just can't help it, when you can't get out and ride a small fix of stare at bike and dream about ride might help you squeak by. What I'm really doing is giving myself more reasons to post more pictures of my bike, and maybe while I'm at it some of Jade's bike. Local photographer Sean Bagshaw of
took these for me.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

My 29er is born again!!

Just for fun here are some before and after pictures of my 29er. I wouldn't change a thing about the ride but there were always a few things on the R. triangle of this bike that bothered me because I had thought up ways to do it better. For example, the R. brake caliper mount, the bend in the seatstays, and many other subtleties that probably bothered only me but I guess I just couldn't get over it. the final prompting to cut my bike in half hit me when a customer expressed interest in having internal cable routing on his pending bike build.
This wasn't something I wanted to try for the first time on a customers bike so I thought I'd try it on mine when I rebuilt the rear end. Please note that this is not just two holes drilled into the frame. This is the real deal, it's 1/4" stainless tubing routing inside the top tube and seatstays to the drop-outs. The biggest challenge being getting from the head tube to the drop-outs with
out having to exit the frame to go around the seat tube. The curves in my seatstays just happen to connect to that junction at an ideal angle to weld them to the top tube instead of the back of the seat tube, this allowed me to route my cable conduit straight into the seatstay.
Anyway, it was fun being able to perform a few experiments on my own bike and I came away feeling pretty good about how it all came out.