Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Life after the Handmade Bicycle Show

This post is a little delayed due to a long list of things that slowly been neglected as the show grew closer (mostly around the house stuff). I talked to several of the other builders at the show and it seemed that we all had gone through some form of caous before the show, seems the be the nature of trade shows. Also seems a little nuts to me how the shows can stress us out more than the actual work itself.
I may be able to post a few pics we took if I find the time to sort through them.
Anyway, the focus of this post is meant to be some illustrator generated drawings that I found pretty interesting. One of them was posted on the Internet and I was able to hunt down the gentleman's email address. He has asked that I don't post his contact info at this time because this is only a hobby to him, but he sent me a few and gave me permission to display them, he even worked up one of my bike for me!
I'm especially interested in the light green steroided cross bike, I would like to someday make myself a cross bike with similar lines.

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