Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Frame option: CUSTOM CURVES

Custom curves have become an incredibly popular option on many of my current bikes. I have been able to offer a fairly descent variety, with only a couple different mandrels for a couple of different radius' and tube diameters. However, I am always gradually collecting ways to form tubes of all different shapes and sizes. Because there are no real "hard rules" as far a what I can and can't do, it's difficult to put a definite price on this option. I have it listed as starting at $100 on the price page, but each build has the potential to be totally unique, so I really need to hear what the customer has in mind in order to give an accurate price quote. For most bikes with some kind of custom curves, the additional charge ends up being between $100 - $200 possibly slightly less for something REALLY simple. It is my goal to offer variety to stimulate the customer's imagination so that they in turn can stimulate mine.

The lines of the bare frame above were inspired by a Ritchey "Plexus". That truly was the first frame I saw that made me think about possible ways to manipulate certain ride characteristics by encouraging the frame to flex in specific places with curves.

Another tribute to the Plexus concept (below).

The fork pictured here is a Titanium Blacksheep number.

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