Monday, April 13, 2009

Price Page

Having recently updated the price page, I thought I would go over the changes, and explain what is now standard on a Wolfhound.
There are a few options that seem to be added on every bike I've been building, so I thought it might eliminate some confusion by taking them off the options list, and making them part of the base price, those being:
- Headtube rings, all my mtb headtubes are now custom machined with the reinforcement ring integrated, available in all sizes (10mm increments).
-Integrated seat post clamp and hand carved (yes they're still handcarved) W into a signature Wolfhound seattube lug, as shown on this frame.
Also standard now, are stainless or brass faceplates to be polished and masked for paint. These have also been custom cut and will now appear on all drop-outs and brake mounts, adding a classy touch, while providing a solid metal to metal contact in places where paint can become a problem. As an example, I'm posting a couple pics of my new SS drop-outs. These were designed by me, drawing inspiration from many different drop-outs, and made by Noah at Paragon Machine works. A more thorough description will follow soon.


Daniel said...

Slick dropouts. Why aren't the disc eyelets slotted so you can move the caliper with the wheel?

Wolfhound Cycles said...

Hi Daniel-
Thanks for asking, that is something I need to explain. The caliper doesn't move because the mount places the pads at exactly 12:00 on the rotor, so the axle can be anywhere in the horizontal drop-out and a minimum of 95% pad contact is maintained in the most extreme ends. The wheel slides in and out freely without moving the caliper....mount it, and never worry about it again! Less moving parts, less hassle, with the simple elegance of polished track-ends.

Orion said...

Your bikes are the best-looking machines around.