Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Well, almost anyway. These bikes are for two people in different parts of the states, who have never met. It just happened this way, I didn't realize how similar they really were at first but the farther the second one came along the closer it got. I did an individual drawing for each so they both have their own soul.
There are a few options that aren't the same, mainly the wide BB shell and internal cable routing. The SS have slightly different curves, based on the customers preferences. I am very happy with the results, but would like to add for the sake of all owners of Wolfhounds w/custom seatstays , that these bends are all "free-hand" so to speak. Something I may not mention enough is that this is an artist interpretation feature, meaning there will never be two Wolfhounds with identical seatstays(don't hold me to that). I do promise, however, that the seatstays on each bike will be symetrical. My objective with curved seatstays, and every other custom feature for that matter, is to fuse the customers visual preferences with the size of the frame. This becomes very tricky if the customer likes the look of the seatstays on another Wolfhound of a different size. All of the angles are different, and can vary quite a bit, so it's impossible to make one bike look just like another,...BUT I still very much appreciate and need that input from the customer. All the customer needs to know a head of time is that they are basically letting me "sign" something based on their input, and believe me when I say that if I shipped it to them, it means that I made the custom features of the frame combine my eye with their vision and functionality to the absolute best of my ability. If I don't feel like a feature is the best it can be, I do it over. To be honest I'm no stranger to doing something twice(sometimes three,,,,...It's been four before, fiv....... Well, you get the point).

I am NOT writing this as a result of any negative experiences with customers, most have been exceptional so far, and it has been an honor to make their bikes. I am only trying to add a little commentary to the site regarding some Wolfhound philosophy.

I hope you like the pictures, this post will be the first time either of the owners will have seen their bikes, I don't think I need to say who's is who's!

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