Saturday, September 27, 2008

Eric Wilmann's Double TT 96 Mtn. Caddie

This one specializes in Mountain cruzing pimp style. This thing strays so far from the norm, it's almost hard to explain. Double curved TT, 96er, internal brake line, designed for a 110mm travel suspension fork AND a suspension corrected rigid fork (made by me =) which will also hold a 3" Endomorph snow tire, integrated bar stem crafted by Paul of Rock Lobster, extra long chainstays for rollin large on swoopy singletrack and exploring miles of mtn roads.

Obvioiusly this is the first one like this I have done, it is sort of a curvy evolution of this bike
The end result is rewarding, but this is no doubt the most time consuming frame I've ever built, as well as the most difficult. To be honest, I don't know if can charge enough to make building another one like this cost effective. There are so many ways this frame was harder than any other, mitering all of the small tubes at tricky angles, then brazing around them in tight places. Followed by the longest, most challenging step of all - finishing them all down smooth with out butchering the frame. I'm by no means complaining, there is just so much more work in this frame than it looks, even to me after doing it.
Please contact me personally if you have interest in a frame like this beyond enjoying the pictures, I'm not sure this one will be on the price page.


Rody said...

Beautiful work Fred, all that fillet finishing makes my fingers hurt just thinking about it.

Loved the progress pics, but you cheated us out of the fork pics...share the luv brother!

I enjoy seeing the posts, I'll check back more often now that you've got the goods flowing ;)


steve garro said...

i'm with rody 100%!! keep the blog rollin, man. that looks pretty strenuous from a fabrication viewpoint.....there's probally 2 frames worth of work there, and if someone doubts it they can ask me! rock on, steve garro, coconino cycles