Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hello Again

Hi. Sorry it has appeared that I quit. I really haven't, and there's plenty of cool new stuff going on:

An upgraded blast cabinet with built in storage/shelf

Some improved organization

And now it's getting real exciting, a new custom bender made by Erik Wiesnenburger of Portland ME! This baby bends 5 different tubing diameters, in a 16" radius, which more than doubles my bending capability. I finally got it set up and anchored down, but have only just begun to work with it. Erik tested all sizes and sent samples before shipping out this bohemeth, so I know what it can do, just looking forward to putting it to use. Please note the craftsmanship, this was all done in his basement.
So far, the only example of the kind of bends this beast makes, is the light blue 29er (built for Erik's wife, Liz), shown below in the "In Their Element" post. It's the only one so far, but I think it's a great example. Note the difference in the curves on that bike, bigger bend radius, more swoopy and graceful. This is going to put some beautiful curves in seat stays.

Now the really, really exciting part,

A floor repair and reinforcement,
To make room for my new combo vertical/horizontal milling machine!!!
This is something I have wanted since I started making bikes. Up till now, I've been doing it all with a drill press, grinders, and hand files. This thing makes me feel like my shop is complete, at least as far as major tooling. As mills go, this is a pretty light weight one, but still weighs 2400lbs, which is just about all the floor of my trailer-shop can hold.
I've never used a machine like this before, but after the initial learning curve, this baby will open some new doors for me, and more importantly, speed me up!


Rody said...

Yo Fred,

Dude, I'm so stoked to see your shop really progressing...the new mill will really open up some possibilities for you.

Congrats, and keep driving forward, challenging yourself and providing lots of smiles for your customers.



Wolfhound Cycles said...

Hey Rody-
Thanks for stopping by!
Yes, things have been great, but so crazy, as far as getting all these ducks in a row.
Now, someone has to show me how to use this thing, so when can you get here?

steve garro said...

if you have any questions i'll help as much as i can! steve.